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restme® is a patented mattress and pillow developed by the Swedish Professor and Ear Nose Throat doctor Armin Bidarian Moniri. Inspired by how other mammals sleep, restme® was developed to improve breathing and body relaxation during sleep. restme® is placed on  a normal mattress and makes it possible to sleep on the side and stomach during the whole night.

This method is based on 8 years of research at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden. The clinical trials show that restme® improves oxygenation during sleep with immediate relieve of snoring, back pain and SPD. 4-5 hours of sleep on restme® gives more recovery than 7-8 hours sleep on a normal mattress. 


innovation for better living

Rest-Me AB is a research based medical company. Our mission is to bring the latest innovation for snoring and sleep apnea to our clients. Rest-Me AB is a Swedish company with wide international roots welcoming scientists and investors to future collaboration.


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