Why do only humans have sleep apnea?

Why all the joint and back pain?

The scientists at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden spent eight years studying the patients with sleep apnea to develop a new treatment.


They found the backward falling of the tongue during sleep to be the main cause of snoring and sleep apnea. Curiously the human being seems to be one of the few mammals to sleep on the back and to also suffer from sleep apnea.


More than 50 prototypes were tested to create the patented mattress and pillow, restme®, to sleep on the side or stomach during sleep.


Even it might seem a little odd at first these positions are very similar to the sleeping position of other mammals and you body will remember the natural sleeping position that gives you the good night rest you need.

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Why not sleep on the side or stomach on a normal mattress?

It is not possible to sleep on the side or the stomach during longer periods of the night because of the pressure on the shoulder, discomfort in the joints and reduced oxygenation. That's why humans sleep mostly sleep on their backs. 

This sleeping habit causes snoring and sleep apnea. Scientific studies show that sleeping on the back my be dangerous for the health.


restme® is placed on your mattress to make it possible to sleep on the side and stomach. restme® is designed to give you anatomical angels in the joints and pressure reduction technology for maximal comfort.

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